New Lot From Alejandro Ahumada

A familiar name reappeared on our retail rack and webshop this week. About 2 months ago, we started roasting a 100% caturra lot from Alejandro Ahumada. It was very well-received and the green coffee for this lot depleted real quick. For those who enjoyed this lot, fret not, we are now roasting another lot from the same farm/producer. For those who read our blog post on Alejandro Ahumada earlier this year, we cupped 2 separate lot of coffees from Finca Costa Rica & La Cristalina that we really enjoyed. 

The second lot that we have started roasting is a mixed varietal lot which comprises of Colombian, Castillo and Caturra. This coffee exhibits blackcurrant-like acidity with notes of raisins and dried apricots, coupled with cane sugar sweetness. The mouthfeel is silky with hints of chocolate in the finish. There is some similarity with the 100% caturra lot, but there are also subtle flavour differences in this mixed varietal lot which adds a layer of complexity in the cup. Overall, it is an equally clean, rounded and balanced cup.

Farm: Costa Rica and La Cristalina
Producer: Alejandro Ahumada
Region: Cartago, Nariño, Colombia
Dry Mill: Banexport
Varietal: Castillo, Caturra and variedad Colombia
Altitude: 1800m asl
Processing: Wet fermentation in concrete tanks for 18 hours. Dried on parabolic raised beds for 8 days.

This coffee is available in store and from our webshop.