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A coffee bar and roastery driven by our beliefs to foster direct, transparent and sustainable relationships with our coffee producers, so as to help us to source, roast and brew some of the most amazing coffees from around the world, to the best we think they should taste and share them with you.

Brazil Sitio Canaã


Brazil Sitio Canaã

Nylon Coffee Roasters

A photo posted by Nylon Coffee Roasters (@nyloncoffee) on Aug 22, 2014 at 6:03pm PDT

One of the partnering farms of Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, Sitio Canaã is owned and managed by brothers Joao Hamilton and Ivan Dos Santos. This was one of the very first farms that we bought directly from back in 2012. This 10-hectare farm inherited from their father was managed as a conventional farm and their harvest were originally sold to local coffee brokers. In 2006, Marcos Croce from FAF invited Joao and Ivan family to take part in a new sustainable method in producing coffee. The objective is to achieve the highest quality while simultaneously respecting nature, reforesting the area around their springs, recycling trash, refraining from utilizing toxic fertilizers and herbicides giving the practice of cultivating coffee a new inspiration and hope. Since partnering with FAF, they have made significant changes to the farming practices and quality measures. At Sitio Canaa, he uses no pesticides, minimizes the use of artificial fertilizer, and uses natural ground cover and native reforestation to preserve the quality of the soil.

Drying naturals at Sitio Canaã

João and other pickers selectively strip-pick the coffee once the cherries are purple. After picking, the cherries are extensively sorted with a small optical sorting machine, eliminating over-ripe and under-ripe cherries. In the sun-dried or natural process method of drying coffees, the cherries are placed on raised beds with a adjustable shade covers for airflow control.  Labour is constantly required to comb the beds for under-ripe cherries, resulting in significantly less quaker defects. This drying process takes about 14-20 days.

A photo posted by Nylon Coffee Roasters (@nyloncoffee) on Aug 21, 2014 at 6:38pm PDT

This micro lot we selected is 100% Yellow Catuai and it shows off the clean natural processing that is made possible by the hard work of Joao & Ivan families. In this cup, expect dried fruits and raisins-like acidity with warming roasted walnut in the finish. Sweet and velvety coupled with a lingering aftertaste. Perfect as a comfort cup to enjoy in black or white.

Harvest was down last year due to the severe drought in the region and we only managed to secure a bag. So come on down grab yourself a bag.