Brazil Vale Verde


One of the last few coffees that we have lined up before the end of 2014. This new coffee is from a country which we have visited back in August. Known for being the world’s largest producer, Brazil has been producing vast quantities of commercial grade coffee. Specialty coffee is only a tiny fraction of what it exports internationally. For us, it is a challenge to find good, clean Brazils. We are fortunate that we found a few this year and Fazenda Vale Verde is one of them.

Located on the plateau of Conquista, in the town of Barra do Choca, Fazenda Vale Verde was first planted 42 years ago, by Nilho Coelho.  Today his son Nilo Coelho Filho is the owner of the farm and continues the family of tradition of producing excellent quality coffee.

The area is blessed with good conditions for growing coffee, with rain distributed evenly throughout the year.

  • Farm: Fazenda Vale Verde
  • Region: Bahia Brazil
  • Town: Barra do Choca
  • Altitude: 1100m asl
  • Producer: Nilo Coelho Filho
  • Varietal: Catucaí/Catuaí           
  • Processing:  Pulped Natural and Natural

The espresso is gentle on acidity with hints of apricots and grapefruits. Creamy mouthfeel and cocoa nibs in the finish. This espresso works beautifully with milk. Comfort and warming - just like Christmas!

Available now on web or in store.