Four Chairs V.5


It has been an incredibly hectic start to the year. The first two months of the year focused a lot on our first participation at the national barista competition as well as our annual visit to Central America. In the midst of trying to get over our usual jet lag - that seems to only get worse every year, and a crazy week trying to catch up on our roasting, we are pleased to finally present you the latest iteration of the Four Chairs seasonal espresso blend.

Comprising of the following:

  • 50% Herrera Tolima, Colombia
  • 50% Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, Brazil

Working with our Colombian friends at Banexport who helped us with the sourcing, this coffee from the cooperative ASOPEP really strikes a sweet spot with us on the cupping table. It is a mixed varietal of Castillo and Colombian and is a collective effort from 53 member producers making up the Co-op. It is a wet-processed coffee with vibrant passionfruit-like acidity and plenty of sugary content. Incredibly clean and juicy.

The other component is a mixed varietal, natural processed coffee from our friends at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza in Brazil. We finally visited this amazing farm back in August last year. Silvia, Marcos and Felipe are firm believers of managing a farm that can produce great tasting coffees and yet sustainably responsible to the environment and the communities around the farm. All their hard work are reflected in the cup - clean, sweet with hints of pecan nuts and mild stone fruits acidity.

We love how these two coffees come together beautifully and hopefully you will enjoy it too! Available at S$19 (300g) in store and online.