Ethiopia Kochere


This delicious coffee comes from the Teklu Dembel washing station, located near the Ch'elelek'tu town in the Kochere Woreda (“community”) of Yirgacheffe. This lot was contributed by approximately 600 small-holder farmers, with altitude ranging from 1800m to 2000m.

This is probably one of the most interesting Yirgacheffe coffees we have tasted. When we cupped it, the intense aromatics and citrusy flavours wowed us from start to end. The aroma is lusciously floral with hints of bergamot and honey. We taste citrus peels, lemon grass, tangerine and blueberries (especially when it cools). A delicate tea-like body doesn’t take away the incredible caramel sweetness that emerges with every sip make this an unforgettable cup experience.

We feel this beautiful coffee works best as a brewed coffee. The intense aromas together with the harmony of floral and fruity flavours make this cup a feast for your senses!

  • Location:Kochere, Yirgacheffe 
  • Varietal:Heirloom varietals
  • Process:Wet-processed
  • Altitude:1800m-2000m

This is a very limited run of this coffee so make sure you grab a bag to try or drop by soon for a cup to taste!