Ethiopia Kecho Tirtira


We are approaching the end of our last few Ethiopian coffees from last year before the new crop harvest arrives in a few months time. Here comes a familiar name which some of you might still remember - Kecho Tirtira. It is a relatively new cooperative in the Limu area with about 350 smallholders which only started to produce coffees since 2011. We introduced this coffee last year with a roast profile aimed for filter brews. It was a crowd pleaser for its lovely fruity aroma, juiciness and sweetness. This year, we bought back this coffee again as it cupped even better than last year, all thanks to our friends from Nordic Approach, who are the guys on the ground sourcing our African coffees. We feel Kecho Tirtira is a rather versatile coffee and works great as a filter brew but also as an espresso. Hence this year, we decided to feature this coffee as a single origin espresso instead.

As an espresso, we taste red fruits (think very ripe red grapes and red currents) with caramel sweetness in the finish. The fruity tones are juicy but not overwhelming. Hints of floral flavours can be found in the mid tones but what we really love about the espresso is the syrupy mouthfeel. The viscosity and sweetness makes it so yummy that one can’t help but ask for a 2nd cup.

  • Cooperative: Kecho Tirtira Cooperative
  • Producers: About 350 smallholders
  • Local municipality: Limu - Kossa
  • Region: Jimma, Ethiopia
  • Altitude: 1850 - 2050m asl
  • Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom 
  • Processing: Pulped and mechanically demucilaged, soaked in clean water for 10 hours. Followed by skin dry and hand sorted for 4-6 hours after soak and finally sun-dried on african drying beds for 10 days.