Nicaragua El Suspiro

Another new coffee up on the retail rack comes from our trusted partners at Fincas Mierisch. The name of this farm might ring a bell to some as we had this coffee 2 years ago. This time round, we shortlisted the same coffee, same varietal, but of a different processing method. Back then, we had a pulped natural coffee from El Suspiro. This year, we went for a fully washed coffee as it  shone out brightly on the cupping table when we visited the cupping lab at Beneficio Don Estaban earlier this year.

Maria Ligia Mierisch, one of the four siblings of the Mierisch family started more active management of this farm in recent years. Last year, we didn’t manage to get any of this coffee. This year, we picked up a small quantity to showcase it as a filter coffee. What we find most enjoyable about this coffee is its long lingering sweetness.

This cup encompasses citric notes of mandarin oranges, stonefruits and light floral undertones. This coffee is high on cane sugar sweetness and is complemented by a silky texture. In the finish, look out for hints of milk chocolate to complete this well-structured, clean and sweet cup.

Farm: El Suspiro
Producer: Mierisch family
Region: Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1350 - 1450m asl
Processing: Washed and sun-dried

This coffee is available for $19.50 in store and on web.