Colombia San Luis


Following the roll-out of a new Colombian coffee (Alejandro Ahumada) featured for filter brews, here comes another new coffee from Colombia which we are featuring as a single origin espresso. The farm, Finca San Luis, is situated in the municipal of El Pital in the Huila region. The producer is Miguel Angel Quiroga. Like most of the producers in Colombia, San Luis is small, merely 5 hectares is used for growing coffee at an altitude of approximately 1600m above sea level.

Miguel started coffee farming 25 year ago. He only started working with Banexport last year to export his coffee. He manages the farm together with his wife, Ruth Mary.  This lot we bought is a mix of Castillo and Colombia varietals. When we first cupped it in September last year, we were impressed by the blackcurrant-like acidity. It has an almost Ricola-type of sweetness.

This coffee is pleasantly versatile, good for espressos and filters. Red fruit acidity followed by notes of ripe apricots and plums. The underlying mild citric acidity complements the brown sugar sweetness. Creamy texture with a long finish that comes with hints of hazelnuts. Such a clean and transparent cup.

  • Farm: San Luis
  • Producer: Miguel Angel Quiroga
  • Region: El Pital, Huila, Colombia
  • Dry Mill: Banexport
  • Varietal: Castillo and Colombia
  • Altitude: 1600m asl
  • Processing: Dry fermentation for 18-22 hours, washed 2 - 4 times. Dried on parabolic raised beds for 8 -15 days.

This coffee is available in store and from our webshop.

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